What do I need to submit in order to get approved?

In most cases we are able to issue an approval with just our one page application. Depending on the credit and equipment, we might come back for additional information such as a few months worth of bank statements, a previous year's tax return, or proof of driving experience.

Will you finance older, higher mileage trucks?

We have the ability to finance the older and higher mileage trucks for qualified buyers that meet the credit criteria, have ample driving experience, and currently run 2 or more tractors in their fleet.

Do you finance nationwide?

We are a nationwide lender, so you find the equipment you want to buy and we will work to get you approved on it.  We can also help guide you to a dealer if you are searching for your equipment, as we have partnered with numerous dealers around the country, selling tractors, trailers, and construction equipment.

What are your credit requirements?

We work with all credit types, A-D, to try to provide an approval option to our customers.  If the credit score is on the lower end, that approval option usually requires a heavier down payment to compensate.

How do I apply?

Click Apply Now here to auto direct to the application page, or click the Apply Now link in the top right corner.  There is a contact form on that page as well if you would prefer to request an application through our online portal.